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SRG-59C / 6C

Konektor CCTV RG59 / RG6 BNC (Tipe Crimp)

Connector SRG-59C / 6C BNC crimp are a great and easy way for CCTV installer or user to securely tip BNC ends on CCTV camera cable. This crimp connector has a 3 piece design where the gold pin gets crimped to the center conductor in addition to the connector sleeve, ensuring good signal conduction. Crimp connectors do come in different varieties depending on the type of cable they are to be used with. This 3 pc BNC crimp is for use with RG59 siamese cable.


Connector A BNC Male
Color Gold
Style Crimp
Cable Type RG-6, RG59
Weight (Lbs) 0.25

Fitur SRG-59C:

RG59 connectors available in single and bulk quantities including BNC and F type connectors for RG59 coaxial cable. These connectors are used in CCTV and other video applications. We supply the highest quality connectors that are built to last. These connectors feature fully machined components as well as gold plated center contacts for optimum signal transmission. Utilizing these connectors along with bulk coaxial cable and crimping tools assures your ability to produce a high quality coaxial cable assembly.


  • Crimp style termination to RG59 coaxial cable
  • 50 Ohm BNC Male interface
  • Gold plated center contacts minimize signal loss
  • Machined components produce a durable connector
  • Associated bulk cable and crimp tools available

SRG-59C Applications:

  • Coaxial cable assembly
  • Premise wiring
  • OEM applications
BNC Crimp Cable Connector Installation:
  1. Slide crimp sleeve over cable.
  2. Strip cable jacket using coax strippers.
  3. Place contact pin on center conductor, crimp center pin as shown in diagram. (don’t leave a gap between rear of the pin and cable insulation end)
  4. Flair braided shield to aid insertion of connector body.
  5. Push cable with crimped pin into body housing until you detect an audible “snap” (jammin the pin may bend center conductor and damage connector dialectric)
  6. Lightly tug cable to verify that pin is properly seated in body housing.
  7. Slide crimp sleeve up against the body and place in tool die.
  8. Complete assembly by crimping down on sleeve to form hex.

Note: Flair gap at sleeeve end is normal and allows cable jacket extra flexing room.


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