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Ethernet & Power Over Coaxial Adaptor

SIP-003 can transmit the HD IP video and power signal simultaneously via a single coaxial cable. The maximum distance can be up to 250 meters (RG11) and it supports full-duplex 100Mbps. SIP-003 consists of one transmitter side (Close to the remote IP camera) and one receiver side (Close to the local NVR). This device can be widely used in railways, urban transport, security monitoring areas and analog system upgrading projects. It can achieve the seamless transition from analog CCTV to network IP surveillance.


Terminal Type BNC
Cable Resistance 75Ω±3Ω
Interface / Coax Return Loss >25dB@1MHz-200MHz
Data Throughput 200Mbps(100MHz full-duplex)
Receiver Side (Close to the local NVR) RJ-45(POE device standard)
Transmitter Side (Close to the remote IP camera) RJ-45(POE, PSE compatible)
Cable Type CAT5 above
Transmission Rate 100BaseT/10Base adaptive
RJ45/POE Input Standard 48DCV ,meet IEEE802.3af requirements
DC Terminal  Input 12-24VDC
RJ45/POE Output Depending on cable type and length
DC Terminal  Output
Dimensions ( L × W × H ) (Including Terminal Length)112mm×52mm×25mm
Material Aluminum
Net weight 200g
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Humidity <85%
Storage Temperature -20℃~ 70℃

Fitur SIP-003

  • Utilizes traditional coaxial cable
  • Fully transparent 100BaseT full duplex and adaptive
  • Supports full-duplex 100Mbps, maximum distance can be up to 250m
  • Supports SD / HD IP camera and provides PoE power supply
  • Built-in ESD protection circuitry, can effectively prevent electrostatic damage
  • The power is input from the receiver side through the coaxial cable using PoC (power on cable) technology to supply power for IP camera and transmitter. Power input and output supports PoE power supply.


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