Camouflage Camera SSC-SM5


Hidden Saucer Camera

CCTV Kamera kamuflase SSC-SM5 dengan lensa tetap memiliki fitur: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology, SONY CCD Chipset, 420TVL, High sensitivity 0.5 Lux / F2.0, CCTV with Elegant Flying Saucer Design.


Chip Brand : 1/3″ SONY CCD
Effective Pixels : NTSC: 510(H) x 492(V)
PAL: 500(H) x 582(V)
SYNC. System : Internal Synchronization
Resolution : More than 420 TV Line
Minimum Illumination : 0.5 Lux / F2.0
S/N Ratio (AGC. OFF) : More than 48dB
Gain Control : 0.45
White Balance : Auto (2500°K~9500°K)
Exposure : Auto E.Shutter: 1/60(1/50) ~ 1/100,000 Sec
Video Output : 1.0 Vp-p Composite (75§Ù Load)
Supply Voltage : DC12V +/-10%
Power Consumption : 140mA
Operation Temp. : -10°C ~ +50°C
Lens Type : 3.6mm pinhole lens
Dimension (W x H x D) : 95 x 6mm
Weight (g) : 495

Fitur SSC-SM5

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology
  • SONY CCD Chipset
  • More than 420TVL
  • High sensitivity 0.5 Lux / F2.0
  • CCTV with Elegant Flying Saucer Design
  • AWB / AGC
  • Blooming free
  • Built in reverse protection

A video surveillance system targets two objectives: to act as a deterrent to a potential breaking of the law of the land; or to act as an observer for monitoring or intelligence-gathering purposes. In the case of the former objective, it does not matter whether the camera is visible to persons within the surveillance target area. In many cases, the user will ensure that the camera is visible. In the case of the latter objective, the effectiveness of the surveillance operation lies in its discretion. Camouflage video surveillance is easier to use indoors than outdoors, and is easier for permanent fixtures than for temporary surveillance operations.

In order to escape detection, the video surveillance camera needs to be fixed. In addition, LEDs indicating the operational state of the device (power on, transmitting, etc.) should not be visible to passers-by. Finally, in the case of low-light or no-light operation, the device should employ a passive illumination technology (thermal imager) rather than an active illumination technology (IR-Illumiator).

Camouflage Camera Settings

The video surveillance camera should support hands-off operation of key elements such as configuration, lens adjustment, and iris setting. An auto-iris camera will dispense with the need for manually changing the iris setting as light conditions change. Software controlled lens adjustment (zoom and focus) will allow a remote control centre to use the same fixed camera to view images at significantly different depths-of-field.


Image module