Camera Bracket for Housing


Camera Bracket for Housing

Dome Bracket Outdoor


Dome Bracket Outdoor

Steel Camera Bracket (L-Shape)


Steel Camera Bracket (L-Shape)

Steel Camera Bracket - 16.5 cm


Steel Camera Bracket – 16.5 cm

Camera Bracket, Metal - 8.5 cm


Camera Bracket, Metal – 8.5 cm

Camera Bracket, Metal - 14 cm


Camera Bracket, Metal – 14 cm

CCTV Bracket

Security Camera Bracket

CCTV bracket mounts enable you to find the best possible placement for your cameras. STEALTH supplies various types of mounts and brackets for CCTV cameras, including AHD and network IP cameras. This page contains mounted bracket for dome, box, and weatherproof camera housings. If you need assistance in choosing the right mounting bracket for your installation, please contact us. We are here to help.

CCTV Bracket Types

  • Plastic wall bracket specifically designed for IP dome camera.
  • Metal Ceiling Pendant
  • Mount for drop-ceilings
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Metal wall bracket specifically designed for the IP panoramic camera.
  • Parapet Wall Mount for PTZ cameras.
  • Pole Mount Bracket for IP PTZ cameras

All equipment and materials used shall be standard components, regularly manufactured, regularly utilized in the manufacturer’s system. STEALTH camera mount designed specifically for indoor/outdoor use along with any accessories which may be required for a complete camera mount. Our components shall have been thoroughly tested and proven in actual use.

Security Camera Brackets Installation

Prior to installation and use of this product, the following WARNINGS should be observed.
1. Installation and servicing should only be done by qualified service personnel and conform to all local codes.
2. Only use replacement parts recommended by STEALTH.
3. The installation method and materials should be capable to supporting four times the weight of the enclosure, pan/tilt, camera and lens combination.

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Determine the mounting location. Using the mount as a template, mark the feedthrough hole and keyhole slot positions on the mounting surface.
  3. Drill the feedthrough holes and pull the wires through the wall. NOTE: Make certain that the mounting surface is able to support four times the combined weight of the mount and camera.
  4. Fasten screws into the mounting surface at the marked keyhole locations. Pull the wires through the feed-through holes in the back of the mount and attach the mount over the heads of the screws. Slide the mount downward to lock into place. Tighten the screws.
  5. Once the mount is fastened securely to the wall, thread the wires through the top feedthrough holes.
  6. The tilt angle of the camera can be adjusted with a screwdriver by loosening, and then tightening, the screws on the sides of the tilt table.