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Explosion Proof Rubber Jacket

SWX-ZANXG adalah Explosion proof cable tube dengan fitur: Resistance for indoor and Outdoor use, Water and dust proof, IP68 dan panjang 1,2m.


Connector Material : Rubber Jacket or Stainless steel 304 or 316L
Connector size : G3/4
Certificate Mark : Ex e IIC Gb
IP : IP68
Ambient temperature : -25 to +60°C
Air pressure : 80Kpa to 106Kpa
Relative Humidity : 95% (no condensation)
Length : 1.2m


Explosion Proof Accessories SXP-IR120 di rancang, produksi serta diuji sesuai dengan standar GB3836.2-2000 peralatan listrik yang tahan ledak dalam lingkungan berbahaya.

  • Resistance for indoor and Outdoor use
  • Water and dust proof
  • IP68
  • Length 1, 2m

Explosion proof camera designed to meet the rigorous requirements for hazardous locations with integrated CCTV Camera for safe and efficient installation. Explosion proof camera provides the image quality, performance and reliability you demand in the most challenging environments. To maintain health and safety, explosion-protected cameras and their accessories are required for video surveillance in hazardous areas.

Normally, we don’t worry about sparks. For example, a household light switch may emit a small, harmless visible spark when switch on. In an ordinary atmosphere this is no concern, but if a flammable vapor is present, this might cause an explosion.

Explosive environments can be found in a number of places such as oil and gas tankers, chemical plants, hospital, aircraft refueling hangars, coal mines, oil refineries, and printing industry. These environments, can contain flammable gases such as acetone, propane, methane, hydrogen, or coal dust.

Specifications for Explosion Proof Devices

SWX-ZANXG must meet the standards defined by ATEX or IECEx. IECEx is an international standard, while the ATEX directive was created to protect workers from explosive risks and provide common standards for equipment traded within the EU. These related standards define the type environment, and the protection level provided by equipment.

In general, SWX-ZANXG prevent ignition (or sparks) from igniting the gas or dust in the environment. This can be done in two ways, the housing can be strong enough to prevent any internal explosion from getting outside the enclosure, or it can contain inert gases that prevent the explosive gases from entering the enclosure, and causing an internal explosion.

The specifications define certain types of environments, such as areas where combustible gases are present all the time, some of the time or where it is unlikely to be there at all. The specifications also describe the type of combustible material that can be present. Different materials are defined by how easily an explosion can be triggered and how much energy is released by the explosion. For example, acetylene and hydrogen have a low flash-point, so are very likely to explode and cause damage.


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