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Explosion-proof Camera Housing
  • Exd II CT6 Gb / ExTD A21 IP68 80°C
  • Fit for explosive gas zone 1, 2; dust zone 21, 22
  • Explosion proof certification: CNEx17.2161
  • Construction stainless steel 304 or 316L
  • Optional electro-polished or corrosion resistant paint finish
  • Inner size for camera : 300*80*80mm, net weight: 8.5 Kg
  • Lower temperature version available: -50 ~ +65°C


Model SWKB-ZAF100B
Housing material (salty proof, rustproof) Stainless steel 316L
Ingress rate IP68
Explosion proof marking Exd II CT6 &DIP A20, TA, T6
Explosion proof certificates No. CNEx12.0006
Housing inner size 300*80*80mm
Netweight 8.5kg
Operating Temperature 50 ~ +65°C

Fitur SWKB-ZAF100B

SWKB-ZAF100B series is a middle size of stainless steel explosion proof camera. Exd type GB3836.2 and European standards, fit for gas zone 1, 2; Dust zone 20, 21, 22. ZAF102 series’s explosion proof marking is Exd II CT6/DIP A20 TA, T6, Stainless steel 304 or 316L material, which also named as corrosion proof CCTV camera, dust proof CCTV camera, weather proof CCTV camera, flame proof CCTV camera.

ZAF100B camera also can be special treated, like electropolished, corrosion painting finish, according to customer requirement. For surveillance; it also can be mounted on rotating pan & tilt for 128 points preset and auto patrol. At the housing end flange, there’re 2 threaded holes for video cable and power cable. its size is G3/4 (inner diameter is 20mm). ZAF100B camera housing inner Size: 300*80*80mm, net weight: 8.5KG. 98% box cameras on the market can be installed in our stainless steel housing.

Explosion proof camera designed to meet the rigorous requirements for hazardous locations with integrated CCTV Camera for safe and efficient installation. Explosion proof camera provides the image quality, performance and reliability you demand in the most challenging environments. To maintain health and safety, explosion-protected cameras and their accessories are required for video surveillance in hazardous areas.


This Camera Housing with Wiper Sunshield enable safe, effective surveillance for chemical sites, oil and gas facilities, food processing plants and numerous other hazardous environments such as Chemical factory, petrochemical processing plant, pharmaceutical plant, Oil refinery plant, Gas station, Oil tank truck, Natural gas project, Marine, offshore/ onshore oil drilling platform, coal mine, Grain storage, winery storage, fertilizer storage etc.

Main Features
  • Exd II CT6 & DIP A20, TA, T6
  • Explosion proof certificate No.: CNEx17.2161
  • Adopts stainless steel 316L
  • IP68
  • Tempered glass with nanometer paint film
  • Applicable for the extreme circumstances with explosive gas or dust, like petro-chemical, offshore, marine, oil tank, gas station, onshore sites.
  • Optional accessories: lens decoder, auto-heating, auto-cooling modular
  • Communication : Pelco-D/ Pelco-P
  • Installation: mounted on ceiling, wall with pan &tilt, brackets.


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